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    1. Mary,

      The only thing you need to do to become a distributor is to buy one Alkaline-Kangen water machine.

      The best one we have, ideal for your spa, is the SD501. It costs $3,950 and the company finance ANYONE!
      Down payment is $850 and then you have 16 monthly payments of $225.

      However if you sell only one machine a month to your customers, you will be able to meet the payments AND make money.
      We would like to help you on setting up your alkaline water business and at the same time helping so many people tp become healthier!

      This machine, the SD501 has more than enough capacity to provide water to all you spa clients.

      I would like to talk to you. Can I call you on Monday at he phone number listed on your site?


  1. Please let us know the dimension, weight, cost of
    Kangen Water Machine.

    Please let us know if the same is available in India and the contact thereof.

    Awaiting your reply.

    Best Regards
    Sajjan India Limited

    1. Dear Liby,

      The cost os the Leveluk SD501 is US$3,980
      (Taxes & shipping not included)

      The weight is 16 Lbs or about 7.5 Kg

      The dimensions are: 29cm x 26.5cm x 17cm
      Liby, you can buy the Kangen water machine from us.

      We can help you and show you:
      1. How to take care of the Kangen water machine
      2. How to clean it
      3. Help you to get your machine paid, by selling them, if you chose so

      I already emailed you some forms you need to fill up and sign to do the purchase.

      Please, fill up the 5 forms, scan them and email them back to me.

      Please, email me or call me if you need any help with the forms.

      When you buy a Kangen Water Machine, you automatically become a distributor.
      You can recover your health investment by selling the Kangen water machines if you wish to do so.



  2. i have breast cancer and i heard that drinking this water helps, especially with chemo. Can you please tell me where I can purchase the water, I live in Lake wylie, SC

    Thank you

    1. Dear Valerie,

      We really don’t know where you can buy alkaline water other than health food stores, like Wholefoods Market.

      I worked on an alternative cancer treatment for many years. I noticed that ALL women with breast cancer who drank alkaline water or embraced an alkaline diet, eating plenty of green leafy vegetables and drinking alkaline water -including green smoothies‘ were cancer free in less time that her pears who kept eating acidic foods and water. All of them got well.

      If you have breast cancer I highly recommend you to buy an alkaline=Kangen water machine. It will make a big difference in your life and your loved ones.

      Valerie, please fell free to ask me any question you might have. I highly recommend the Gerson Therapy.

      PS: I’ll email you a video testimonial of one of these breast cancer free women.

  3. This was the Global Accounts’ original purpose but they were hijacked not once, but twice, and used for war against us, the people of the planet, in an effort to control and enslave us. That time is now coming to an end and I believe this simple message from Neil will bring that end much closer.

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