Discover how all these people got rid of serious health conditions like:

1. Bad allergies, back pain down to the legs, weight loss, herniated disk pain, inflammation, 80% arteries blocked from plaque, avoided heart surgery, eliminated costly heart medications, chronic fatigue, dry eyes, sugar addiction, sleeping problems:
 2. Throat cancer, cancer support, chronic fatigue, sinus infection, arteries clogged with plaque, weight loss, arthritis pain since childhood, swollen legs, dry eyes from using contact lenses, carb and sugar cravings, lack of energy, sinus problems, medication dependence:
3. Kidney stones, torn tendon, “poppy eyes” because of thyroid problems, avoided chemotherapy, lung tumors:
 4. Overweight, Chron’s disease (avoided surgery and expensive medication), chronic fatigue, poor food assimilation, cancer caused by over-acidity:
5. Kidney stones; radiation exposure from Chernobyl caused thyroid problems:

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