Your Alkaline Lifestyle depends on the following aspects:

  1. The food you eat: if it’s alkaline or acidic
  2. The water you drink: if it’s alkaline or acidic
  3. If you eliminate and detox properly through regular exercise, sweating, good hydration, and fasting
  4. Stress levels – exercise, walk by the beach or green spaces, the forest or parks; limit watching TV, the news, and monitor your internet activity
  5. The air you breath – big cities fill our lungs with toxins, which is why we have to strive to exercise by the beach or open-healthy spaces
  6. The people we are surrounded by

Here’s an excellent video that will bring you more light on this subject:

What Is An Electron Rich Diet? – On The Silvie & Maryl Show (Nutrition, Health, Vegan, Plant-based)

Sylvie and Maryl Celiz explain how living foods are rich in electrons, which also has an alkaline pH, thus helping our bodies to get a balanced pH.

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