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Why Do You Need an Alkaline Water Machine?
There are 3 simple reasons why you need an Alkaline water machine at home:

1.  To restore your body’s pH back to neutral (or about 7.4). A body with a neutral pH is a healthy body! If your blood’s pH is lower than 6.8, it becomes acidic. An acidic body is a place where sickness and disease can easily develop. Drinking plenty of Alkalized water will maintain the pH of our bodies neutral, between a healthy range of 6.8 to 7.8, ideally 7.4. This neutral pH, not acidic and not too alkaline, prevents our immune system from malfunctioning or getting weaker and also prevents disease from developing. It keeps our immune system strong and healthy!

2.  Drinking plenty of alkaline-micro cluster water helps to keep our bodies hydrated. Alkaline-micro-cluster water means that the water molecules are smaller than regular bottled water. Our bodies can easily and quickly absorb those smaller molecules of water and keep it well hydrated. Drinking enough alkaline water also helps to detox by improving elimination through urination, transpiration and defecation. 🙂

3.  Alkaline water machines produce a water that is high in antioxidants. Antioxidants neutralize, combat and render free radicals harmless (that otherwise cause damage and destruction to the cellular level in our bodies). In my personal opinion, maintaining a certain level and amount of antioxidants in our bodies might help medical treatments to avoid chronic fatigue, promote longevity and improve our health.

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What to Look for in an Alkaline Water Machine

Benefits of drinking alkaline water happy girl
Be as healthy as her!
  • Accessible price or financing/credit to buy it
  • A good quality alkaline-ionized water
    • The Alkalinity of the water relates to the pH
    • The Ionized property is associated with the anti-oxidants the water has
  • Durability of the machine
    • The machine should keep producing the same high quality alkaline water at all times
  • Easy to setup and use
  • Minimum of maintenance
    • The machine has to be self-cleaning. This means the polarity of the titanium plates is reversed every certain period of use to release the minerals that attach to the plates as a result of the ionization of the water
  • As a bonus, it should have acidic water of 2.5 pH if you are going to use it for disinfection purposes
  • Also a very alkaline pH, about 11 to 11.5, to clean fruits and vegetables from oil-based pesticides or fertilizers

I discovered the healing benefits of having an Alkaline body by serendipity. A friend and I decided to embrace a plant based or raw food lifestyle, so we ate uncooked green leafy, other vegetables and fruits, as well as nuts.

My friend lost 50 lbs in a year without any grueling workouts and without depriving himself from eating delicious meals. He also noticed that the ugly dryness and cracks on the bottom of his feet, caused by a viral infection, had disappeared in the same period.

I also had some major health benefits. I had an infection under the nails of four fingers, as a result of getting dirty when I was doing some home improvement work. This went on for about 2 years and no external medication or any other disinfection techniques helped to clear ugly puss under the nails. That infection disappeared in about 6 months after eating alkaline foods: raw fruits, vegetables, and nuts. I also lost 10 lbs!

Here is a live Alkaline-Kangen water demonstration on the acidity of most popular bottled waters… Yes the water we (used to) drink every day!

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Benefits of Alkaline Water & Machines!

Dr. Otto Warburg - Nobel Prize for cancer causes discovery
Dr. Otto Warburg – Nobel Prize

“NO disease, including CANCER, can exist in an alkaline environment (alkaline body).”
   — Dr. Otto Warburg, 1931 Nobel Prize winner for cancer discovery

“Cancer, above all other diseases, has countless secondary causes. But, even for cancer, there is only one prime cause. Summarized in a few words, the prime cause of cancer is the replacement of the respiration of oxygen in normal body cells by a fermentation of sugar.”
— Dr. Otto Warburg in Lecture

The secret: have an alkaline body by eating alkaline foods,drinking alkalized water, avoiding acidic meals and exercising to the transpiration point to eliminate acidic toxins from the body.

We bought an Alkaline Kangen Water machine two years ago to supplement and improve our health and our children’s health as well. Our kids do not go to doctors any longer. We don’t get flus and if we get a cold because we do not rest and sleep properly, the cold goes away in a couple of days!

Drinking Alkaline water all day long, replacing sodas and other toxic drinks like coffee, helps to make your body alkaline too! Just this simple and easy lifestyle change, drinking more water and alkaline water, can prevent so many health conditions caused by free radicals accumulated by pollution, toxins and chronic negative emotional situations.

Alkaline water is a water that is over the neutral pH amount that’s regarded as pH being 7.0. This alkaline pH makes it powerful and is able to cut the effects of acidic foods, water and toxins we breath and drink in your body.

Chronic emotional situations like stress, anxiety, depression, anger, etc. causes the pH of the body to be acidic. Eventually, this acidic condition will make us sick, tired and sometimes get cancer…

Testimonials on the Health Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water
Learn about the incredible uses of Alkaline Water and the Beauty Water!

Email us: or ask us any questions in the comment box below. 

More Health Benefits of Alkaline Water and an Alkaline Body

Alkaline Water-Kangen Water benefits
Buy Your Alkaline Water machine Now!
  • Strengthens and increases immune system response and the ability to fight disease, viruses, germs and others
  • Easy way to become healthy and energetic!
  • Restructured alkaline water, created utilizing electrolysis, offers scaled-down clusters -just like in fruits – involving molecules which allow it to hydrate your body quicker than every other water
  • Assists on fighting health conditions by supporting medical therapies and treatments
  • Helps one’s body to cleanse on the cellular level as well as neutralize acidity
  • If the body system’s pH is a little alkaline, it is far more resistant against illnesses
  • Excellent antioxidant properties that neutralize free radicals
  • Antioxidant properties of Alkalized water hold off free radicals and poisons present in one’s body which are stealing your energy and good health
  • And much, much more!
Alkaline Water Chart - Kangen Water
Alkaline Water Chart – Kangen Water

According to dental researchers in Canada, drinking alkaline water not only is good for your health, but it also freshens your breath. “The main cause of bad breath is bacteria in the mouth,” report researchers in Toronto and scientists specializing in breath treatment. Since bacteria feed on acids, controlling their acidity is easy by changing the pH in the mouth. “Anything that’s high in alkaline is good for neutralizing the acids in the mouth,” says Tammy Gouweloos, a dental hygienist with a holistic approach to oral health. Alkaline water with a pH between 8.2 and of 11.0 eliminates the acidic environment, reducing the bacteria that cause bad breath.

Remember that a healthy pH is between 6.8 to 7.8. If you suspect your body is acidic because some temporal environmental challenges, acidic food and water, lack of exercise and proper elimination-detox, just drink more alkaline water with a pH higher than 7.4. We found that a 9.5 pH alkaline water made with a Kangen Alkaline water machine is ideal to get your body back to balance, pH neutral and healthy!



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146 thoughts on “Alkaline Water Machines – Kangen Water Machines”

  1. Hey Daniel,

    Quick question for you. Is it normal to not be able to get high PH levels such as 10.0 and higher with well waters. I have an ionizer machine but I have to use several filters to get my PH level to the 9.5 mark. My well water is right around 6.5 but after the ionizer and on the highest setting, it only gets to 9.5. it is suppose to go to 11.


    1. Neil, thank you for your question.

      I don’t the king of Ionizer you have.
      Definitely with a Kangen machine you’ll easily get to 11!
      Why do you want a 11 pH?


  2. Hello, Can you refer me to a installer for my filter in Las Vegas. I inherited my mkms machine and i want ro hook it up. Thanks

  3. Hi,

    There are multiple questions that I have with regards to the marketing as well as consumption of Kangen Water:-
    a.) When you say that this is a multi-level marketing system what do you exactly mean?
    b.) In one of your earlier posts you have stated that if I buy a machine than I can automatically become eligible for selling them to my relatives and friends. What would hold them back from ordering it directly from you and not go through me?
    c.) Alcohol by nature is acidic. Suppose we were to serve whiskey with Kangen water instead of normal water would it change the after effects of alcohol?
    Thanks and Regards

    1. Hello Jim, here are the answers:
      a) MLM, multi level marketing means:
      – you buy a machine from me
      – I get a commission AND
      – the distributor I bought the machine from also gets a commission
      – and so the distributors in the up line of sales

      b) Nothing. They can buy from who ever they want.
      – if you bought the machine from me,
      when they buy a machine from you,
      you get a commission AND
      I get a commision.
      – If they buy the machine from me, you don’t get the commission!

      3) You’ll have to test that mix of whisky and Alkaline’Kangen water for pH
      My guess is that the whiskey is so acidic that the mix will be still acidic…

      Thanks for your questions Jim!!!


    1. Yap Kwan Kee,

      We are not medical doctors therefore we cant give medical advise.

      However I have seen video testimonials of people who were able to pass kidney stones with the help and support of drinking alkaline water.
      In my opinion I don’t see any reason why you can’t drink alkaline water.


  4. I just got our new machine and we have noticed white flakes at the bottom of our water. What is this? and how do we fix it?

    1. Amanda.

      Those flakes are just naturally occurring minerals from the ionization process.
      THose minerals just get together in flakes.

      Nothing to worry about it.
      You were drinking those minerals before and they were dissolved in the water.


  5. I read your answered question about drinking alkaline drinking up to 2 cup a day, I thought everyone drinks 8 cup of 8oz water a daily? Please can you explain me how to drink alkaline water proper clearly?

    1. Kevin, what I meant is “to start by drinking AT LEAST” 2 – 16oz of alkaline water a day.
      You are right, it’s better to drink 8 cup of 8oz water a daily.


  6. I live in Anchorage, Alaska and very interested in purchasing one of these machines, my dad owns a machine and I love the taste of the water, he uses it for everything. He has periodic colonics and takes the water with him, I visit from time to time and enjoy all the benefits of the water. Can you recommend a distributor in the Anchorage area?

  7. I buy Kangen water 25 miles away from my place. Is there in anyway I can restore the Ph level for more than 48 hours? Is it true that adding lime or lemon into the water will bring the Ph level up to 9.0? Is it advisable to add lime or lemon or cucumber to the rests of the water not consumed within 48 hours?

    Do you know anyone who sells Kangen machine or water near my place, Skokie, IL.

    1. Judith, would you like to have a free demonstration on the internet? in the form of a webinar?
      In the meantime Judith, please watch this live video demo we did a few months ago.

      is this the kind of demo you want in Penang, Malaysia??


  8. Does boiling Kangen water pose any effect on the level of alkaline water? Is it advisable to just drink straight from the tap?


    1. No Elaine, boiling Alkaline water does not modify the pH properties of the water!

      I use it to make teas, cook rice and veggies.
      At least my kids will get some benefits out of it! 🙂


  9. I agree with you Ekendra. However, it works only with content related website. I think link Building is must if you are targeting for local business or product related website. But yes it should be natural.

  10. I was told I have 4th stage Chronic Kidney Disease, a friend has giving me several gallons of the alkaline water, which is working for my good. But my doctor says I will be on dialysis, can I continue to take the water while on the dialysis machine.

    1. Phyllis,

      We are not doctors and we can’t give any medical advice.
      According to our experience there is nothing harmful on drinking alkaline water.
      You need to drink water anyway; why not healthy, filtered alkaline water?


  11. I was looking to buy the kangen . I was reading about the banifets that u get. I read on one of the doctors web site that alkiline water ever 8 is no good for u . It destroys the acid in your stomach . And u can’t digest food. Is This true.

    1. No Maria, that is not true. I explain this process here in this page, on one of my answers.
      The alkaline water you drink does not have the capability to destroy the gastric juices in our stomachs.


  12. Hi
    I m taking various medication for Diabetis, acid reflux, high blood presure, statins, asprin.
    I realise I must drink more water and im interested in your macking. If I drink this water will it effect my medication?

    1. Mike, drinking Alkaline water won’t affect your medications, unless they have a time release feature.
      it’s not recommended to drink alkaline water while taking medication that have a time release, because alkalaine water with a pH 9.5 can make the medication be disolved and assimilated much faster so the time release won’t work as prescribed.
      What can happen is that the medication will be absorbed faster by your body because of the micro-cluster feature of this Alkaline Kangen water.

      Definitely you have to take care of all those health conditions first. Drinking Alkaline might help you to get better sooner, however you need to improve your diet and exercise if possible.


  13. Please stop sending me emails. I tried the water and it did NOT do anything for me. My health never inproved. So PLEASE STOP SENDING ME EMAILS. THANK YOU pam

    1. I’m sorry to hear that Pam. I’ll take your email from this blog.
      Remember that you are receiving these emails because either you signed in for our ebook or you posted a comment here.


  14. 1. How much will it cost to set up an alkaline water producing plat in Africa?
    2. does the water expire, if so how long does it last?
    3. do you market by network?

    1. Prince Uche,

      1. Enagic, the manufacturer of the Alkaline-Kangen water machines won’t do that. They are not interested on opening other manufacturing plants outside Japan.

      I’ll find out for you of other companies who would considering your offer.

      2. Alkaline water has to be consumed within 48 hours of being made. It looses the alkaline pH over time.
      THis is why people has to own their own alkaline water machines.

      3. The marketing is explained on this video:

      It’s a multi-level marketing system; may be it’s what you call “market by network”

      I’ll send you an email soon.


  15. I am curious about the diet. Do you have t obe on a an alkalized diet in order for the water to work properly. I am a meat eater and have never had any desire to be a vegetarian. Will there be any side effects if I drink the water but do not follow the diet completely. 2 machines were recently purchased by my family and so we all plan to start drinking the water.

    1. Nancy,

      Drinking alkaline water will definitely help all of you regardless of the kind you follow.
      I recommend to start adding big-organic-green salads before you eat your meat because it will also help you to get healthier, faster.

      There are no side effects of drinking alkaline water if you eat meat. It’s just a very good idea and nutrition practice to complement the drinking of alkaline water with a healthy eating. 🙂
      Exercising regularly also will help you to detox and further improve your health!

  16. hi im a basketball coach. i have access to alkaline water and soon to be owning a michine and i just found out one of my girl players she’s 15 and she have type 1 diabetes and im able to give her water but i want to get advice from you on that and any other advice on that. thank you

    1. Jermaine,

      Thank you for your question!

      Alkaline water won’t do any harm to your 15 years old girl. Diabetes has to do with the sugar in the blood AND the food she eats.

      I advise her to avoid candies, sugars, sodas, any unnecessary carbohydrates, processed foods and start incorporating green raw leafy vegetables and fruits on her food. Juicing from organic fruits and green vegetables is also highly recommended. Alkaline water will definitely help her on her overall health.
      This will make a BIG difference on her health!


    1. Dhananjai,

      We are the international distributors. We’ll ship anywhere in the world.
      We also will finance anyone so you can buy our best machine, the SD501, with a down payment of $890 and 16 monthly payments of $270.
      THe company will finance anyone to buy our macjines:

      Go to this page and use this information to buy the machine:

      Sponsor Information Form
      Distributor ID: 7284200
      Sponsor Name: Carlos Caridad
      Sponsor Phone: 310-592-1813
      Sponsor Email:


  17. I been drinking kangen water for 6 year .i have acid reflex the doctor said I need to have operation .i talk friend gift Kangen water . I don’t have my operation. For those people have problem like my .i recommended this water

    1. Great job Rigoberto!!! way to go!

      I heard so many cases like yours! getting rid of acid reflux and avoiding a dangerous-unnecessary surgery just by drinking alkaline water!

      I’m happy for you Rigoberto! Felicitaciones amigo!


  18. My friend told me there is a store in our area who sells kangen water. I will try to buy one gallon to I can try it. I have been suffering for knee pain for over a month now. The medication doesn’t help me at all. Where could I buy the ph strip to check my ph balance.and also my friend told me not to drink the kangen water while taking mg medicine. Why? I will try to buy the water today so I can start drinking it.

    1. Jenny,

      You can buy the pH strips in any pharmacy. You can also buy a pH drops on any pool supply store.

      The recommendation of your friend is correct: it’s not recommended to drink alkaline water while taking medication that have a time release, because alkalaine water with a pH 9.5 can make the medication be disolved and assimilated much faster so the time release won’t work as prescribed.


  19. Hi,

    We are drinking this Kangen water taking from my sister in law house. We’ve been told that the water need to be consumed within 3 days but according to your comment above, you mentioned 2 days. So may I know exactly how many days should we consume it?

    Also, my husband and mother in law get dizzy & sleepy after drinking the water. Is that a good sign?

    Thank you,
    San San

    1. San San,

      Yes, we recommend to drink the alkaline water within 48 hours (or 2 days). In this way you will get more benefits of this Knagen water: the anti-oxidants as well as the pH.

      Getting dizzy some times means your blood gets oxygenated quickly. It’s not a bad symptom.
      What pH water are you drinking? Tell your husband and mother in law to reduce the pH to 8.5 and see what happens.

      Thank you for your question San San!


      1. Hi Daniel,

        What do you mean by blood gets oxygenated quickly? Is it because of the alkaline water brings more oxygen to the blood?

        I’m not sure about the water ph as I’m not the one who are taking back the water. May I ask how do we know which ph suits our body? Also how do we test our body ph from time to time?

        San San

        1. San San,

          WHen your blood has the right pH, your immune system works normally and its probable that your blood circulation is good, not sluggish.

          On top of that, the micro-clustering properties of the alkaline-Kangen water helps you to gett oxygen and nutrients faster to the cells. Therefore your blood gets oxygenated quickly.


  20. Hi. I am from philippines. I heard a lot of good feedback for kangen machine. i would like to know the price including freight cost. thanks

    1. Grace,

      The SD501, the best Alkaline-Kangen water machine we have, is $3,950 plus taxes.
      The financing allows you to buy it with:
      1. $850 down payment
      2. 16 more payments of $225
      3. you have an unconditional 30 days your money back guaranteed. If you are not satisfied with the quality and health benefots of our alkaline Kangen water, you can return the machine.
      4. The company, Enagic, will finance ANYONE!
      5. shipping is about $100 and it will be shipped from your country!
      6. you can buy it from us.

      I’ll email you the necessary paper work you need to fill up, sign to buy it.


    1. Dorothy, no matter what is the type of cancer, the goal is to get your body’s pH to 7.34. This will help your imune system to work properly and be strong to combat cancer cells.

  21. I am currently taking chemo treatment and have developed neuropathy. What are the benefits of taking Kangen water

    1. Dorothy,

      Remember we can’t make medical claims because alkaline water is not a medicine.
      However, when you have cancer, your blood and body pH is acidic. You can see this on your blood tests.

      If you start drinking alkaline 8.5, then 9.5 your blood and body will eventually, in 7 to 14 days approximately, get the pH back to normal: 7.4.
      When the body’s pH get’s back to balanced (7.4) the immune system will be able to combat the cancer cells,’because “cancer can not survive i an alkaline body” Dr. Otto Heinrich Warburg, Nobel Prize, Medicine (1931).

      It’s really worth it to try it. I used to work in an holistic cancer clinic and all patients who adopted an alkaline diet and life style, some included drinking alkaline water, were cancer free faster than the one who did not have an alkaline diet.

      If you are interested on trying, this is the price, financing an guarantee:
      The SD501, the best Alkaline-Kangen water machine we have, is $3,950 plus taxes.
      The financing allows you to buy it with:
      1. $850 down payment
      2. 16 more payments of $225
      3. you have an unconditional 30 days your money back guaranteed. If you are not satisfied with the quality and health benefots of our alkaline Kangen water, you can return the machine.
      4. The company, Enagic, will finance ANYONE!
      5. shipping is about $100 and it will be shipped from your country!
      6. you can buy it from us.

      I’ll email you the necessary paper work you need to fill up, sign to buy it.


    1. Nelson,

      I did some research and I found some people who got better by getting their body’s pH back to normal, around 7.34. They included alkaline water in their diet.


  22. Hi again, thank you for replying. My cousin have already the machine back home in the philippines and i’m planning to buy one to use it here in saudi for personal use. Kangen water did really good to my mother since she suffered recently from stroke and my cousin recommended it to her and constantly giving her.
    My cousin said that since im using a desalinated water here in saudi, i need to have another filter aside from the machine. I’m afraid really to use the potable desalinated water since there’s a lot of story here that it can form into kidney stones. Currently im buying mineral water rather than using the potable desalinated water from the faucet. And if ever i will use kangen machine, it will save me alot of money and make me healthy.
    How much will it cost me to buy one if you deliver it here in saudi???

    1. Maria,

      We recommend yo to buy the best machine we have, the SD501

      We can finance your purchase. You will pay:
      1. First payment $850
      2. 16 payments of $225

      The total cost is $3,950 US dollars and we can ship it to Saudi.

      I will email you the documents you need to purchase this machine.

      Thank you Maria for your inquire!


  23. Hi, I like to ask there are so many alkaline purifier in the market. I notice that Kangen is the most expensive machine. Why?

    1. Nancy,

      Thank you for your question. The reasons why the Kangen water machines are the most expensive are:

      1. the medical grade quality of the titanium plates on the engine that makes the water alkaline and high in anti-oxidants.

      2. the company that makes the Kangen machines, Enagic, gives an excellent compensation plan to those who sell the machines. instead of expending money on advertisement, that money will go to the efforts of the distributors when they sale a machine.

      3. any body who buys a kangen water machine becomes automatically a distributor.

      4. the Knagen water machines are the highest quality machines i the market.

      5. They are made i Japan.

      6. There is a 10 years guarantee

      Nancy, I hope these answers your question!

      Please call me at 310.592.1813 if you need further clarification.


  24. Hi,I’m currently working in Saudi Arabia and our water is desalinated water. There is potable and there is not. my question…Is it okey/safe to use kangen machine on the type of water???

    1. Yes Maria, you can use our alkaline Kangen water machines on your desalinated and potable water.
      Our machines have a hight quality filter that will eliminate most of the impurities on the water.
      Now if you water is not potable I don’t think is a good idea to use an alkaline water machine!


  25. Hi, just a question, after consulting my doctor, too much alkaline is not good for the body ,will cause alkalosis (or something) and eventually death….
    so how is it ,it is openly recommended, I have gout and am contemplating fitting one but now in a dilemma on how to go about…

    1. Surjit,

      I agree with your doctor that too much alkaline water might cause alkalosis. As a matter of fact anything you eat or drink in excess can cause health challenges.

      However, I have never heard of anyone suffering alkalosis (or any other health condition) after drinking normal amounts of alkaline water.

      Surjit, I suggest you to start drinking just two glasses of 8.5 pH alkaline water a day and increase the amount over a week time period.
      If you feel any discomfort decrease your consumption for a few days while your body naturally balances itself.


  26. from Malaysia..really interested to drink Kangen water. I had been suffering for Psoriasis skin problem for the past 7 years, had tried all type of cure it…but my problem still gettin worse day by day. My question is does Kangen water able to cure my skin problem? Pls let me ASAP..pls share to me any video regarding any healed customer’s tht has psoriasis before. I would like to buy this Kangen water system..but i need a real proof here. I had been gone through alot of pain…had wasted alot of money…in treating my problem. Pls help me on this…

    1. Nelson,

      I don’t remember hearing any case in which by drinking alkaline water Psoriasis was eliminated.
      I will research and let you know.

      PS: try to start drinking alkaline water that you can make at home.
      Please read this article that explains how you can make home made alkaline water:

      Remember that the Knagen machines have much higher anti-oxidants and can produce also water of higher pH.

  27. I am interested in alkaline water, which I want to ask you, what difference your machine with Pure Pro?, Because if you look at his results almost the same, but the prices vary so much,

    1. Tjandra,

      There are many differences:

      1. The PurePro is just a filter that adds ionized minerals to your water

      2. The PurePro makes a narrow range of pH level: 8 to 9.5
      The Knagen Water machine makes Capable of producing 5 types of water:
      Kangen Water
      Clean Water
      Acidic (beauty) water
      Strong Kangen water
      Strong Acidic water

      3. The pH of the Kangen water goes up to 11:

      Kangen water / 3 levels (approx. pH 8.5-9.5)
      Clean water (pH 7)
      Acidic water (approx. pH 5.5-6.5)
      Strong Acidic water (approx. pH 2.4-2.7)
      Strong Kangen water (approx. pH 11.0)

      4.The Kangen Water machines use an electrical process to make the water alkaline AND does not add any thing top the water supply!

      5. The filter on the Kangen Water machines is strong enough to eliminates ALL toxic elements present in tap water

      6. The Production water rate is very high:
      Kangen Water: 1.2-2.0
      Acidic water: 0.4-0.7
      Strong Acidic water: 0.16-0.3

      That allows you to make the water very quickly instead of waiting when you want to fill up a gallon (or liter) container.

      I hope it answers your question Tjandra.


  28. Dear Sir,
    In order to promote the Alkaline water in India, I would like to set up the Alkaline Water Plant Prooduction Units in various Places.
    Can you take the Assignment of Complete Turnkey Plant Set up.Pls send the Quotation for the Various Capacities .Also we plan to promote your products as your sole agent in India.
    Kindly let me know the Reply.
    Er.Nanchil Vel

    1. Dear Nachil,

      Tha company that manufactures the alkaline Kangen Water machines is located in Japan.
      They make all the machines for its world wide customers. I’m not aware they want to open another manufacturing plant outside of Japan.
      However I’ll find out and let you know.


  29. Hi, Mr Daniel. I am from Penang, malaysia. My family has been consupming Kangen water for a few months. I got the supplier from my sister who is staying about 100km away. I used to carry the water home in a few containers. We are happy with the water and I notice that there is some improvement in my health as I need anti-oxidant substance in my body.

    My questions are :
    1. what will happen if the water is store more than 48 hours ? Can we still drink it?
    2. Why can’t we drink the water when we take our medicines.?
    3. How much Kangen water shall we drink per day ? Can we drink like normal boiled water? Thanks

    1. Dear Carolyn,

      Thank you for visiting our site and for you very important question!

      1. You still can dring the alkaline Kangen water after 48 hours because it’s a filtered water.
      What happens after 48 hours is that the pH start lowering from, let’s say the original 9.5 pH when the water was made, to 8.5, then 7.5 etc.
      The anti-oxidants also will be less and less over time.
      This is why it’s very important to dring the Kangen alkaline water within 48 hours.
      Carolyn, I suggest you to buy a machine and try to recover your health investment by selling the alkaline water to your neighbors and friends and even sell the Kangen water machines!
      There are financing plans that will allow you to pay low-monthly payments.
      Please watch these two videos on “Financing/Credit The Kangen Water Machine
      and “Selling Kangen Water Machines

      2. When you take your medicines we recommend not to take alkaline water ONLY when they are very strong, like for blood pressure AND they are “time release”. Thea reason is that the Kangen water micro-cluster property will make the medication release much faster than it was intended. Medications are always intoxicating, meaning they are incorporating in your body substances that produce side effects. If the medication is absorbe quicker because the Kangen water is hydrating your body faster (micro-clusters) your body can have a reaction to too much medication on your blood in a short period of time.
      Carolyn, please watch this video on the micro-cluster property of the Knagen Water:

      3. You can drink as much Kangen water as you can Carolyn! Yes of course you can drink as normal-bottled water!

      Thank you very much Carolyn for these intelligent questions!


    1. Brad,

      We can’t make medical claims so it’s imposible to give you any evidences.
      What I can offer to you is this two video testimonials:

      Kangen Water Benefits on Esophageal Cancer Treatment Support

      – ” I had stage 1.5 tonsils cancer… ”

      Most people have an acidic blod and acidic body. Their pH is acidic, lower than 6.8, due to acidic foods, water, drinks, pollution in the air, and chronic stress and other emotional conditions.
      Cancer cells thrive in acidic environment. Cancer cells CAN NOT live in alkaline bodies!

      What drinking alkaline water does is to get their blood and body pH back to balance or neutral, close to 7.4.

      When the pH balace is restored, cancer cells don’t have acidic substances to feed upon. The immune system gets stronger and start fighting viruses, bacteria and even cancer cells.
      Kangen water is rich on anti-oxidants; anti-oxidants neutralize free radicals that were damaging cells and creating cancer; the cancer can’t not longer grown on this new alkaline environment.

      Brad, I hope this sheds some light on the subject. The best way to prove it is to try.


  30. Hi,
    I would like to know the difference between the machine that costs $3000 and the one that costs $1000. Are the benefits of the two machines the same or how do they differ? Thank you, Joanna

    1. Joanna,

      The diferences on both the machines are:
      1. The flow of water, the amount of water you can make a day.
      The smaller is for on or two people use and the bigger can produce larger amounts of water
      2. durability over the years
      3. production of anti-oxidants
      4. more levels of pH

      In summary both Kangen Water machines produce the same water pH and quality, but the bigger machine will have more anti-oxidants.
      If you have the bigger machine, like the SD501, you will be able to make water to give away to your family and friends.


  31. I have a very important question. Dr. Mercola said that drinking alkaline water more than 2 weeks would really hurt people. He said its just so people can sell there products and filters. My husband and I are drinking Dasani and we just found out that its not good for us. We were told by a friend, that Alkaline Real Water was the very best. As long as it is not artificial she said it will help you in life. We need to know the truth and nothing but the truth. Thank you Mr. Daniel in advance, The Tylers

    1. Jay, The Tylers,

      Thank you for this honest question.
      As far as we know, the reason of drinking alkaline water is to get your blood and body’s pH back to neutral or about 7.4.

      Did you test your saliva, urin or blood for pH before start drinking alkaline water?

      If your pH was acidic, drinking alkaline water will help you to restore the pH balance of your body. This balance will help your immune system to function properly and eventually help you to get back to health.

      I suggest you two things:

      1.stop drinking your Dasani water which very acidic.
      2.measure the pH of the water you are drinking
      3.measure the pH of your saliva, urine and/or blood (ideally)
      4. start drinking alkaline water. Start with 8.5pH
      5. in about 7 days measure your body’s pH and see the difference
      6. “quantify” the health benefits you experience!

      There is nothing more powerful that try. If you don’t, you’ll never know! 🙂

      There is no harm on drinking alkaline water. Try to get alkaline water from a Kangen water machine.


  32. Hi, I’m thinking of getting a Kangen machine, mainly for my diabetes.

    I took water from a friend abt 3 wks ago at 8.0ph (I think). the next morning, i home test and found my reading down to 8.4 (My usual hovers around 9-10) Another day down to 8.3, then 7.6. I was so happy.

    Then I took a fresh batch of water this time at 9.0 ph. The next day, my reading shoot up to 9.7. I was horrified. Next day down to 9.0, then 8.1.

    Another fresh batch of water at 9.5 ph. Reading went up to 9.8, then gradually down to 7.6.

    Yesterday a fresh batch again. Reading this morning reads 9.8 again.

    Its rather inconvenient so I didn’t take fresh water everyday but every 3-5 days.

    Y is my reading like a YOYO.? How long will it take for my diabetes to stabilize. I’m taking medication & was on Insulin for 1 week only. I stopped when I started on the water.

    However, my feet are not so swollen and cracked heels seemed to have improve

    1. Deanna,

      We can’t give you medical advice. However we had many testimonials of people who got better just by drinking alkaline water.
      I’ve never heard about the Yo-Yo effect you are having on your diabetes insulin readings.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if the high variations of your insulin test are affected by alkaline water and the medical community doen’t even know about it.

      I’ll research about it and let you know.


  33. I have heard that Kangen Water Machine is selling for RM12,000.00 in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia. However, I have seen on some posts that it is going for RM6,000.00 in Malaysia.

    What is the actual cost?

    1. Deanna,

      Are you talking about the SD501 model? This is the best Knagen machine.
      The price of the SD501 is $3,980 US dollars plus taxes or 3,308 Euros (including taxes).
      This is about 12,000 Malaysian Ringgit, which is the cost you mentioned.
      I guess this is the right price.


  34. just wonder how i can benefit from drinking kangen alkaline water if i am a patient of CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease). I have CKD since the last 10 years. Creatine around 130, uric acid 9, urea 9.
    Pls advise

    1. Sally,

      The alkaline water made by a Kangen machine has the property of helping your body to get healthy by raising the pH of your body..
      That will help to dissolve your kidney stones.

      Please, watch these 2 video testimonial of people who eliminated their kidney stones by just drinking Alkaline-Kangen water:

      Of course you need to improve your diet AND your (alkaline) water intake.
      Kidney stones are caused by lack of water in your body. Stones commonly have been found in those that drink less than the recommended eight to ten glasses of water a day. When there is not enough water to dilute the uric acid (component of urine), the pH level within the kidneys drops and becomes more acidic. An excessively acidic environment in the kidneys is conducive to the formation of kidney stones.

      Medical conditions such as Crohn’s disease, urinary tract infections, renal tubular acidosis, hyperparathyroidism, medullary sponge kidney, and Dent’s disease have been known to lead to kidney stones. It also has been suggested that water fluoridation – the addition of fluoride to drinking water – is responsible for some cases of kidney stones.


  35. I have had my machine for a little over a month and I gave some to a friend to try and there are little white flakes in their water… What is it as the person who sold it to me said its normal but im concerned.

    1. Matt, did you buy the machine used?

      I’ve never seen flakes on an alkaline water made by the Kangen machines.
      It shouldn’t have any foreign substances or solids. The Kangen water machine has an excellent filter.
      Please, let me know.


    1. Yes Nanda, we agree with you! I also know you have the machine because of your site 🙂
      I like to help you with a back-link anyway!


    1. Good for you Anil Kumar!

      Anil, could you please tell us about the benefits you and your family had experience by drinking alkaline water from a Kangen water machine?

      Thank you for your comment Anil!


  36. I’m 37 weeks pregnant woman from Indonesia. I’ve been drinking kangenwater since my 12th week of pregnancy and I feel good eversince. I changed my water since I found out that the water I used to drink is acidic.
    I believe that kangenwater is good for my body. But could you please explain whether it’s safe for a pregnant woman ? This question may sounds too late, but it’s better to ask rather than believing my own assumption.thanks

    1. Shinta, thank you very much for your question!

      We are not doctors, neither we give medical advice.

      However we can tell you from our experience that the best way to prepare your body for a pregnancy and to give the best nutrients to your baby, is by eating healthy.
      Lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Juices from fruits and vegetables, organic-free of pesticide fruits and vegetables.
      A good water is also essential. Water that is not acidic.

      My believe is that drinking alkaline water will help you very much on your health and your baby’s one.
      There is no contra indications on drinking alkaline water. You can’t be harm, neither your baby!
      Our suggestion is that you drink at least 4 – 12ounces or 400 ml of alkaline water a day.

      Always follow your mother instinct and how your body feels.
      You can also check the pH of your body; either with pH strips on your saliva or urine.
      Ask you doctor to measure your blood’s pH; this is the most accurate way to measure your body’s pH.

      My best wishes on your pregnancy and the delivery of your baby! ans send me a picture of your “Alkaline-Kangen Water” baby!
      We can post it here!


    1. Yuva, thank you for this GREAT question!!!

      Yes, pH is a function of the temperature. The water’s pH decreases when it’s heated, or temperature increases.
      However this is only a pH change AND the water is not more acidic.

      “Because what happens when we add heat? The H2O gains energy and dissociates more. H2O becomes H+ and OH-…in equal amounts. So we have more H+…and the pH value lowers.
      That makes intuitive sense. We’re adding energy and it’s breaking apart. More H, lower pH at higher temperatures. What is important to realise, though, is that the water is still neutral. We have more H+, but we have more OH-. The water is NOT more acidic per se….the pH has just changed, that’s all.” from

      The article also says that the pH changes on the water produced by temperature change are not very significative to be a concern.

      Thank you again for such a good question!


    1. Nanda, I agree with you. Since I’m very healthy the main benefit I feel is having more and lasting energy during the day!

      Thank you for your comment.

      PS: Let me know if you want to be a Kangen distributor in your country.

  37. I have tested my water and it is in a good stop for drinking .. thank you for your time but I wont be needing your service at this time

    1. You are welcome Pam!
      Is there anything yo would like us to write about? Like: “101 Delicious Recipes Using Alkaline Water” 🙂 or “how To Take Some Years By Having An Alkaline Body”.

      Thank yo for stoping by and congratulation for staying healthy for your 3 girls and 7 grandchildren!


  38. Please let us know the dimension, weight, cost of
    Kangen Water Machine.

    Please let us know if the same is available in India and the contact thereof.

    Awaiting your reply.

    Best Regards
    Dear Liby,

    The cost os the Leveluk SD501 is US$3,980
    (Taxes & shipping not included)

    The weight is 16 Lbs or about 7.5 Kg

    The dimensions are: 29cm x 26.5cm x 17cm
    Liby, you can buy the Kangen water machine from us.

    We can help you and show you:

    1. How to take care of the Kangen water machine
    2. How to clean it
    3. Help you to get your machine paid, by selling them, if you chose so

    I already emailed you some forms you need to fill up and sign to do the purchase.

    Please, fill up the 5 forms, scan them and email them back to me.

    Please, email me or call me if you need any help with the forms.

    When you buy a Kangen Water Machine, you automatically become a distributor.
    You can recover your health investment by selling the Kangen water machines if you wish to do so.



  39. i have breast cancer and i heard that drinking this water helps, especially with chemo. Can you please tell me where I can purchase the water, I live in Lake wylie, SC

    Thank you

    1. Dear Valerie,

      We really don’t know where you can buy alkaline water other than health food stores, like Wholefoods Market.

      I worked on an alternative cancer treatment for many years. I noticed that ALL women with breast cancer who drank alkaline water or embraced an alkaline diet, eating plenty of green leafy vegetables and drinking alkaline water -including green smoothies– were cancer free in less time that her pears who kept eating acidic foods and water. All of them got well.

      If you have breast cancer I highly recommend you to buy an alkaline=Kangen water machine. It will make a big difference in your life and your loved ones.

      Valerie, please fell free to ask me any question you might have. I highly recommend the Gerson Therapy.

      PS: I’ll email you a video testimonial of one of these breast cancer free women.

  40. Hi,,kindly send me the price of Kangen Machine and shipping cost I’m from the Philippines.ASAP..Thanks

    1. Rodelito,

      these are the prices in US dollars of the two most popular models:

      1. SD501: US$3,980, shipping $290
      2. DXII: US$3,280, shipping $270
      3. JRII: US$2,380, shipping $250
      4. SUNUS: US$1,280, shipping $210

      Rodelito, I need to confirm if we have to add taxes to these prices.
      I’ll let you know soon.

      Please visit this page with prices for US customers:
      Kangen Machine Prices and Information for US customers


  41. Hello there, last night I attended a demonstration about Kangen Water. And I found out it was interesting, so I decided to buy. The price here in Malaysia is RM 6000.00. I’m just wondering, is that the actual price for here in Malaysia? I’m just afraid of being scammed.. And, one more question is that, how do I identify whether the Kangen Water machine that I bought is an original product, and not fake?

    1. Mitchell,

      I will give you a more informed answer tomorrow regarding prices and how to find out if the Kangen machine is authentic.

      Thanks for your question.


  42. Dear Sir,

    I want to buy alkaline water machine,so Would you please to give me the price list for all types. Thanks.

    1. Dear Kozwini,

      These are the prices in US dollars of the two most popular models:

      1. SD501: US$3,980, shipping $290
      SD501 under the counter: US$4,980, shipping $290
      2. DXII: US$3,280, shipping $270
      3. JRII: US$2,380, shipping $250
      4. SUNUS: US$1,280, shipping $210

      Rodelito, I need to confirm if we have to add taxes to these prices.
      I’ll let you know soon.

      Please visit this page with prices for US customers:
      Kangen Machine Prices and Information for US customers


  43. I want to try drinking Kangen Water before I buy and I have been drinking Kangen Water for 4 days now from a friend’s Kangen machine. My fear is I have 2 maintenance pills and a couple of vitamins taken everyday. I am taking Synthroid in the morning and Lovastatin at night, calciums and vitamin C during day time. My question is: is there any complications taking the kangen water and my pills at the same time? OR shall I stop taking my pills while drinking kangen water?


    1. Bell, drinking alkaline water doesn’t interfere with taking nutritional supplements or medications.
      Drinking alkaline water will make your vitamin and mineral pills to be assimilated quickes and deeper because of the micro-cluster property of the alkaline Kangen water.

      Belle, please watch this video that explains the way alkalized-micro-clustered water benefits the body:

      You can also click on this link: Features and Benefits of the Alkaline Kangen water machine: and click on: “Micro-Cluster Water” link on your right.

      Thank you for your question Belle!


    1. Andre, there are several machines. The prices range between $1,200 to $3,950.

      If you compare this health investment with the cost of being sick, the cost of having an alkalized-healthy body is really insignificant.

      I’ll email you the brochure.

      Andre, just click on this link to get all the information you need on the Kangen water machine.
      Thear are several videos on the use, features and benefits of the alkaline Kangen water machine:


  44. i am from dhaka, bangladesh. how can i get a kangen water machine ? is it very difficult to operate the machine ? can i advertise, pack & sell kangen water in local market using my machine ? is there any expiry of that water ? if i can sell, then what is the price of that machine ? please suggest. best regards.

    1. Raihan,

      I’m sending you an email answering all your questions.

      The machine is not difficult to operate; please watch this video that shows you how easy is to install and operate:

      The water should be drank within 48 hours, because after that time it will loose the alkalinity.
      It’s plenty of time to store it and give it to your friends and family to try!

      The price of the best of our machines that will serve to your purposes is about $3,900.
      Financing available. You can make payments as low as $290 a month AND recover your health investment by selling the Kagen water machines in your community and country.

      “Your health is your wealth!” The price of the Kangen water machine is nothing if yo compare wuth the health benefits you and your loved ones are going to have.

      Stay Alkaline!


  45. hi,

    I am from the philippines and is now using a flask which will also produce an alkaline water. How is it differ from your machine in terms of result?

    1. Fred,

      A flask might give you alkaline water. Can you please explain to me what does the flask do? what is the method to convert regular water into alkaline water?

      The difference between manual methods to make alkaline water and the kangen water are:
      Tha alkaline Kangen water has:
      1. Micro-clustering properties: it penetrates and hydrates much more at the cellular level
      2. Anti-oxydants properties: it neutralize harmful free-radicals, rendering them harmless
      3. Higher levels of alkalinity
      4. the Kangen water machine also produces a very useful range of cleaning acidic waters
      5. it makes the alkaline water readily available at any time

      Thanks for your question Fred!


  46. My husband and I just started drinking Alkaline water on Feb 28, 2013. My husband has been taking medication for back pain. The first night he drank a half gallon of water at work and didnt need any pain meds. till this day he has not taken any., Myself I have bad knee pain and most of the pain is gone. when I use to get down on the floor it would take all I had to get back up from so much pain. sence drinking Alkaline water the pain is disappearing,.My husband also lost 10 pounds in one week. Of course I still havent lost weight but im still drinking the water., Thanks for comming up with Alkaline water machine. pam

    1. Pam,

      Thank you SO MUCH for writing about the great experience you both are having drinking alkaline water!

      I heard similar successful stories regarding pain and that after drinking alkaline water there is no need to take pain medication any longer.
      That is great!

      Congratulation to your husband for loosing weight too!


    1. Lucierne, thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment!

      I don’t understand very clear what is your question.
      Do you want more information on the Kangen Water machine?

      Please, let me know; I’ll love to write about what you want!


  47. I’ve been drinking Kangen water and just got my blood ph levels checked for fear of getting too alkaline. And indeed my blood alkalinity was of the charts… 8.4. 100 times more than it should be. Just so you know… the symptoms were breathlessness and low energy.

    1. I’m sorry to hear that Joni. I want to know more about your case to help other people avoid that over alkalinity. It’s no so common. I though the body will balance the pH.
      Could you please answer these questions for me?
      1. how much Kangen water were you drinking a day?
      2. what pH level was that water?
      3. what food do you eat?
      4. meaning alkaline foods? like raw frits and vegetables?
      5. please describe you regular breakfast, lunche and dinner.

      Thank you Joni for you very valuable comment!


  48. I use PH strips to check my PH balance. Before Drinking Kangen water i was very acidic. Now my PH is now 7.0. My fear is if i continue to drink Kangen water I will be too Alkaline. Is that possible? I like drinking all the time but want to make sure it is ok.

    Is it bad to drink Kangen after eating or while eating? If so, what should we drink?

    My son has been drinking 9.5 and his PH level is now good. Is it safe for him to continue drinking this? He is 11 yrs old. Is Kangen safe for kids?

    Can you pls explain why we sleep better with Kangen?

    1. GS,

      Great job! to you and your son!

      In the same way the body responds to drinking alkaline water and balances its pH, drinking alkaline water when your pH in neutral wouldn’t be a problem.
      The reason is that unless you eat 100% living foods (or raw foods), live in a non polluted area and exercise to the point of sweating 3 times a week, you body still gets acidic influence from all those sources: food, air and city stress.

      If you and your son eat really well, meaning a good amount of non-cocked fruits, nots and vegetables, I suggest you to drink 8.0 alkaline water. Experiment for a week and check your pH and how you both feel, including a good sleep.
      If your sleep is good, you pH is good and you feel energetic, just keep drinking 8.0 alkaline Kangen water.
      Adjust your water to your needs and how you feel.

      I keep drinking 9.5 and I feel great!

      Congratulations for your health and for being proactive on your health!


    1. Zakir Hussain,

      I’ll find out if there are Kangen distributors in India and let you know.
      Thanks for contacting us!


    2. Dear Zakir Hussain,

      You can buy your alkaline Kangen water machine online here:
      Since you are in India, the Kangen water machine will be shipped from Hong-Kong.

      The prices of different models are there too. They range from U$A 1,200 to U$A 3,950.
      When you buy a Knagen water machine you become automatically a distributor. That means you can start selling machines to your relatives, friends and other people.
      The best way to sell a machine is by giving the alkaline water from your machine to relatives and friends. After experimenting the health benefits, they will buy a machine from you.
      They will be able to experience the health benefits of drinking alkaline water on their own. They will aslo be able to share the alkaline water with others.

      Please let me know if I can be of any further help.


        1. Shiva, we are located in Los Angeles, California, US. However we can sell and ship worldwide.


    1. Betty,

      We need to tell you the truth and it’s yes. Some of the reasons are the ones I just answered on your other question and I’ll copy them here:

      – make what is called “micro-cluster” alkaline-ionized water. This means the water molecules are together in smaller clusters. This smaller clusters male the Kangen alkaline water to be absorbed easily for your body, hydrating your body easily and better.

      – because the above, people feel it’s easy to drink that water! improving hydration and health benefits!

      – the Kangen water machine is stronger and more robust than its counterparts. This makes them durable, with less needed maintenance and longer-better performance.

      – Kangen alkaline water machines are the only one approved by the FDA in Japan and used for healing purposes.

      – if your machine needs service or cleaning, the company sends you a free replacement so you don’t interrupt drinking your alkaline water!

      – the health benefits reported by people drinking the alkaline-Kangen water are numerous and really remarkable! From weight loss, migraines and fibromyalgia gone, cancer went into remission, eyes and vision improves, sinus infection, head aches, bone pain, other pains gone, etc.

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