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Alkaline – Kangen Water Machines

Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water by Owning Your Water Machine

The 3 Best Alkaline Water Systems!

Kangen Machines
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Alive Water Ionizer
PiMag® Waterfall®
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Kangen SD501


Alive Water Ionizer


PiMag® Waterfall®

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Testimonials of eliminating: chronic fatigue, sinus infection; arteries clogged with plaque; weight loss, arthritis pain since childhood, legs swollen; dry eyes from using contact glasses, food craving from sweets, carbs and candies; lack of energy, sinus problems, getting rid of medications. A case of Kangen water as throat cancer treatment support.

Ask any question you might have in the “Comments” box below.
I’ll answer within 24 hours.

3 reasons why you need an Alkaline Kangen water machine at home:

  • To get your body back to health by restoring your pH back to neutral – about 7.4. If your blood’s pH is lower than 6.8 it becomes acidic. An acidic body is a place where sickness and disease can easily develop. Drinking plenty of Alkalized water will maintain the pH of our bodies neutral, between a healthy range of 6.8 to 7.8; ideally 7.4. This neutral pH, not acidic-not too alkaline, prevents our immune system from malfunction or get weaker and disease to develop.

  • Drinking plenty of alkaline-micro cluster water helps to keep the our bodies hydrated. Alkalized-micro-cluster water means that the water molecules are smaller than regular bottled water. Our bodies can easily and quickly absorbe those smaller molecules of water and keep it well hydrated. 
    Drinking enough alkaline water also helps elimination through urination, transpiration and defecation.  

  • Alkaline-Kangen water machines produce a water that is highly anti-oxydant. Anti oxydants neutralize or combat free radicals that other wise cause damage and destruction to the cellular level on our bodies. This avoids aging, cancer, promotes longevity and prevent many other health conditions cause by too many free radicals in our bodies.

How the Kangen Machine Works and what it’s made of!


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More Testimonials of the Health Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water

Testimonials of solving: Bad allergies, back pain down to the legs, weight loss, hernia disk pain, inflammation; 80% arteries blockage from plaques after a double by-pass heart surgery down to 50% avoided heart surgery, eliminated costly heart medications; body detox, chronic fatigue; dry eyes, sweets addiction; sleeping problems, chronic fatigue


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Drink Kangen Water – Alkaline Water for your Health!

The health benefits of drinking Alkaline Kangen water, Ionized, Micro-Cluster, Anti Oxydant Water!

Benefits of drinking alkaline water happy girl
Be as healthy as her!

“Disease can not live in an alkaline body”, Dr. Otto Warberg, Nobel Prize.

I discovered the healing benefits of having an Alkaline body by serendipity: a friend and I decided to embrace a plant based or raw food life style.

We wanted to try to eat uncooked green leafy, other vegetables and fruits, as well as nuts.

My friend lost 50 lbs. in a year, without grueling work outs and without depriving him self from eating delicious meals. He also noticed that the ugly dryness on the bottom of his feet, cause by a viral infection and made skin crack disappeared in the same period.

I had some major health benefits. I had an infection under the nails of four finger, as result of getting dirty when I was doing some home improvement work. It went on for about 2 years and no external medication and many other disinfection techniques helped to clear the some time ugly puss under the nails. That infection disappeared in about 6 months of eating this alkaline food: raw fruits, vegetables and nuts. I also lost 10 lbs.

NO disease, including CANCER, can exist in an alkaline environment.”

Dr Otto Warburg-Nobel Prize Cancer Discovery

Dr. Otto Warburg-Nobel Prize

Dr. Otto Warberg, 1931 Nobel Prize winner for cancer discovery.

“Cancer, above all other diseases, has countless secondary causes. But, even for cancer, there is only one prime cause. Summarized in a few words, the prime cause of cancer is the replacement of the respiration of oxygen in normal body cells by a fermentation of sugar.” — Dr. Otto H. Warburg in Lecture

The secret: have an alkaline body by eating alkaline foods, drinking alkalized water, avoiding acidic meals and exercising to the transpiration point to eliminate acidic toxins from the body.

Ask any question you might have in the “Comments” box below. I’ll answer within 24 hours.

41 comments to Alkaline – Kangen Water Machines

  • mohammed


    I want to know the Impactof this water on women health generally and how it can boostthe female physiology including improving fertility and other body It helps directly or indirectly

    Thank you

  • Chris Sherwood

    I recently bought the SD501. Took my ph and it is very acidic ( it is between the orange and the lime green) How long will it take to see a difference in my ph level. This is my third day of drinking the amount of kangen for my weight.

    • kangenwater


      It depends of the kind of food you eat and beverages you drink.
      If you still eat acidic foods, like too much meat, cooked foods, processed/packaged foods that not only are acidic and also are deprived from antioxidants, living enzymes, vitamins and minerals, it will take a long time to get your bodies pH back to balance.

      Please watch this video I just made:

      The myth of alkaline water

      I hope this will shed some light to your particular situation AND THANK YOU for this very important question!


  • Clint

    Can you suggest how to find a distributor nearest me?

  • Beverly

    How long does a person have to drink akalinewater to prepare for chem?

    • kangenwater


      We can not make medical recommendations. However, just drink alkaline water for at least 2 weeks before. In this way your body will have time to get its pH back to balance.

      What I can tell you is that better than drinking alkaline water, 3 to 5 Reiki energy healing sessions will be more effective to prepare someone for chemotherapy.
      Dr Oz uses Reiki healing before and after operating his patients as a treatment support.


  • Elisha

    Hi I am 22 and suffer from kidney failure and have been enduring dialysis treatments for a year and a half now. I had HELLP syndrome with my daughter at 25 weeks which caused my kidney shutdown. What’s the best way to use kangen water tp my benefit even with fluid restrictions.I am trying to regain function and avoid transplant.

    • kangenwater


      We can’t give medical advice, however I can direct you to a naturopathic doctor or an specialist who can help you.

      I’ll email you some information.


  • Anil

    I have seen many reviews and articles on the alkaline water in web and from doctors they refuse the effectiveness of kangeen water. I am also using this water for couple of days… I was wondering is there any scientific research or study done on effectiveness of kangeen water?

  • Dr sandy

    Hello sir,
    I m sufferer of ulcerative collitis.
    How this will be beneficial for me…?
    I live in India . How do I get it..?
    Machine is too expensive in indian money . Did u have any finance/emi facility…?
    Thank u sir…

  • Nicole

    Water not aster. Sorry!

  • Nicole

    I purchased a kangen aster unit 6 months ago. Is it safe to drink this water ALL the time, or should I limit it to certain times?

    • kangenwater


      Yes, it is safe to drink it all the time. Just make sure you drink water of a pH no more than 9.5.
      If you are very, very healthy, an 8.5 pH will be enough for you.

      Enjoy your water!!!



    does Japan has less diseases than other western developed countries?
    since they are drinking this Kangen water ….

    living longer does nt mean necessarily a link with Kanger water ? as this argument is often given by business people of Kangen water. live duration is probably related with multiple factors….
    does the Kangen water has been endorsed by FDA or any of health authorities in the world ?
    having asked that I am convinced that we are producing too much toxic waste in our body!
    How come a FDA allows coca cola to be used by human being for example ?
    for a better health?
    Thank you in advance for your answer
    Best regards

    • kangenwater


      Thank you for your very intelligent questions!!!

      The FDA allows Coca Cola because of the money they make; just as simple as that. The government offices do not care about the strong acidity of the sodas.

      Vince, you are right, how long you will live, your longevity, depends of many factors. Please watch this excellent TED Talk video entitled “How to live to be 100+”:

      [ted id=727]
      Dan Buettner talks about studies done on communities where people live over 100 years.
      One of the factors is the “alkaline” food they eat! Because of this, we can conclude that drinking alkaline water will extend your lifespan IF YOU EAT WELL AND HAVE A GOOD LIFESTYLE!!!

      You can’t pretend to live longer if you smoke, drink too much alcohol, eat and drink acidic-packed-processed foods, don’t exercise regularly and spend hours in front of a TV eating potatoes chips and drinking Coca Cola!!! :-)

      What people i the Kangen business say is that the amount of antioxidants your body keep during your life is directly proportional to how long you’ll live.

      The FDA has not endorsed any alkaline water machine. The FDA job is not to endorse; it’s to make sure foods and medical drugs are safe. (We know the FDA is failing on doing a good job at that…)

      Vince, look at this “List of countries by life expectancy” chart from Wikipedia: JAPAN IS FIRST!!! and the US is 33!!!

      I believe there is a clear correlation on the alkaline water and life style these countries have.

      Thank you again to make my brain work!!! :-)



  • Tammy

    I’m in stage 4 chronic kidney disease. Can alkaline water improve my kidney function? Thank you and hi. How are you?

    • kangenwater


      Thank you for your question. Remember we can not give medical advice. What I can tell you is that you really need to see a naturopathic doctor, someone who will help you to recover your kidneys functions naturally.
      Certainly, drinking a good quality alkaline water will help your kidneys to be less loaded AND detox faster.
      You really need to start a detox process. This alkaline water has also a micro-clustering molecular grouping that makes it easily absorbed by your body AND detox faster too.


  • Teeka

    Can i fast with kangen water and herbs only?

    • kangenwater


      Beautiful question!!! congratulations!!! and thank you for such an important and smart question!!!

      Fasting with alkaline water is excellent!!! just check how your body feels.
      If you fast for more than 2 days, start with 9.5 pH and reduce it to 8.5.
      The reason is that after 2 days of juice fasting you body;s pH will be alkaline and you don’t to add that much alkalinity.

      Let me know how did your fasting go


  • S.M. Ruzek

    I am 65 years old and will always be on coumadin……can alkalinic water interfere?

    • kangenwater

      Dear Mr. Ruzek,

      We are not doctors and we don’t know what coumadin is.

      Could you please tell us what is your health condition and what is coumadin?


  • Hi Daniel

    Thx for your information again..tht really give me a new breath, as u told me tht kangen water does really helping psoriasis skin condition

  • Dell pettiford

    Im interested in the machine and selling it.nhow much is it and can I make payments for machine.

    • kangenwater


      The SD501, the best Alkaline-Kangen water machine we have, is $3,950 plus taxes.
      The financing allows you to buy it with:
      1. $850 down payment
      2. 16 more payments of $225
      3. you have an unconditional 30 days your money back guaranteed. If you are not satisfied with the quality and health benefots of our alkaline Kangen water, you can return the machine.
      4. The company, Enagic, will finance ANYONE!


  • Josephine

    if we drink alkaline water 9.5ph for a long term, it they any side effect in our body? thank you.

    • kangenwater


      Thank you for this very important question!

      We have never heard of any side effects if you drink alkaline water 9.5ph for a long term, other than being healthier and having more energy! :-)

      Our suggestion is to check your blood pH if you have any concern. The body will regulate the pH and I don’t think that drinking 9.5 pH alkaline water will make your body too acidic.

      Feel your body, how does it feels? Energetic or dragging all day?
      I’ll find out more about it. Again, I know so many people who have been drinking 9.5 pH for months, even years, and no one had experience a negative effect.

      If you are concerned, lower it to 8.5, to still drink alkaline water.


  • Karen P

    My husband has been drinking the water now for about 3 days. He started having stomach cramps and diarrhea. He stopped drinking it, because he thought that it was hurting him.

    Is this normal? Should he have anything to worry about?


    • kangenwater


      Thank you so much for asking this really important question!

      Your husband’s symptoms are typical of detoxing. You shouldn’t worry much about it because I think your husband is drinking a 9.5 pH Kangen water that could be a little strong for him for the very first time.

      We want to suggest you to reduce the alkalinity level 1 to 2 points.
      If your husband is drinking the 9.5pH alkaline Kangen water, which is the default pH value on the machine and the most used pH level, try to reduce it to 8.5.

      If you are getting the Kangen water from other person, please ask her/him what is the pH of the water your husband was drinking. If it was 9.5, reduce it to 8.5 or even 7.5, until your husband gets better.

      If the stomach cramps and diarrhea continue for ove 24 hours, we suggest you to consult with a naturopathic doctor or othe king of holistic practitioners who are aware of detoxification symptoms. (This is not very well know on allopathic-conventional medicine)

      Thank you again for this great question!


  • aaron

    I take lisinopril for high blood pressure. 5mg. Is it safe for anyone to consume this water? Thanks

    • kangenwater

      Yes Aaron,

      Drinking Alkaline water does not interfere with medications.

      Actually if you drink Alkaline water you’ll have much better chances of getting back your blood pressure to normal quicker; provided you also eat healthy food, with plenty of fresh fruits and green leafy-uncooked vegetables.
      Check also if you are going through emotional stress that can contribute to high blood pressure and try to eliminate or minimize it.

      Thank you for your question Aaron!


  • Valerie Gallery

    i have breast cancer and i heard that drinking this water helps, especially with chemo. Can you please tell me where I can purchase the water, I live in Lake wylie, SC

    Thank you

    • kangenwater

      Valerie, I really don’t know where you can buy alkaline water other than health food stores like Whole Foods market.

      If you are going through chemo to combat cancer, i highly recommend you to get your own alkaline water machine because you will have the alkaline water ready available to drink at any time.
      It’s very important that you drink your alkaline water every day.

      Alkaline water will also help you to manage the chemo sides effects and recuperate faster from those side effects too.

      PS: try to make your own alkaline water in the mean time. Go to our page that explains this simple method:
      How to Make Your Own Alkaline Water at Home Now!

  • Because of my living foods meals, lots of greens, it’s alkaline, I didn’t know of the importance of drinking alkaline water!
    Thanks for sharing

    • kangenwater

      Yes Gene, I also believe that eating alkaline foods with plenty of green leafy vegetables is the best way to keep your body alkaline and healthy.
      Hypocrites said: “Let the food be your medicine”, how simple and profound!

      Unfortunately, in the toxic environment we lived nowadays, the cities, it’s imposible to be 100% without toxins.
      Our bodies get toxins from the air we breath, the water and other drinks we consume, stress -mental, emotional and physical- and the food we eat.

      Supplementing a good diet and exercise with alkaline wate helps to keep you healthy. Besides many people don;t give the time to prepare their foods and eat in restaurant and fast food places, making their bodies acidic.

      Acidity is the source of all diseases. We need to remove the origin or causes of acidity from our bodies.

      Thanks for your question Gene!


  • I didn’t know about the great health benefits of drinking alkaline water until I found this site!
    Thanks for sharing all these videos!


    • kangenwater

      Thanks Jenny for stoping by! I encourage you to try drinking alkaline-kangen water for 2 to 4 weeks. You will feel the benefits of it right away!
      Look for a kangen or Enagic distributor in the city you live.


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