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Celebrities Using Kangen Water (Machines)

Do you know that many, many celebrities are using/drinking Kangen water? or other brand of Alkaline water machines?

Here is a partial list of Celebrities who drink and use Kangen water, as well as sport trams, hospital and other institutions:


Carlos Santana Alkaline Kangen Water

Carlos Santana

Magic Johnson (Ex Laker)

Big Dan Hill (Body Builder)

Steven Tyler (Aero Smith)

Carlos Santana (Musician)

Bill Gates (Microsoft Founder)

Sheldon Andelson (Las Vegas Casino Owner)

Bill Gates Alkaline Kangen Water

Bill Gates

Nick Lechey (Musician)

Danny Divito (Actor- Director)

Jim Carey/ Jenny McCarthy (Actor-Ex Playmate)

Robert Downey Jr. (Actor)

Janet Jackson (Musician)

 Smokey Robinson (Musician)

 Quincy Jones (Musician-Producer)

 Eddie Murphy (Actor)

 Ron Perlman (Actor)

Phil Michelson (Golf Pro)

Sly Stalone (Actor)

Mark Wahlberg (Musician/Actor)

Janet Jackson Kangen Alkaline Water

Janet Jackson

Clients that are currently using Enagic’s Water Ionizer

 #1) Dr. Hiromi Shinya M.D., Ph.D. (Inventor of Colonoscopy) Currently the Professor of Surgery Albert Einstein College of Medicine & Chief of Endoscopy at Beth Israel Medical Center, New York City.

#2) Inner Health Center Encino, Ca. Deenie Robbins Leon, Colon Hydro-Therapist 818.789.2700

 #3) California Bank & Trust Ventura Blvd. Encino Ca. / 818.986.5600

 #4) Penny Lane Girls Orphanage Lancaster Ca. 661.729.3499/ www.pennylane.org

#5) Seattle Children’s Hospital “Cancer Ward”  c/o Anne Curry / 206.987.2000 http://www.seattlechildrens.org

 #6) Martin Luther Jr. Health Center Long Island New York “Cancer Ward”/


 #7) Dr. Jerry Klemer, Dr. Marcia Kamph Newport Beach Ca. / 949.378.3654

 #8) Dr. James Proetz Healing Arts Center Long Beach Ca./ 562.590.9932

 #9) Floating Stone Inn & Aqua Spa Tubac, Arizona 520.398.3193

 #10) Reyhan Persian Grill Los Angeles Ca. / 323.653.9024

 #11) 9.5 Optimal Health Center, West Los Angeles, Ca. /  310.652.5595

 #12) Dr Hortz Filtzer (Cardio Vascular Surgeon) Inventor of the Stint for the Artery

Harvard Graduate Currently the Medical Advisor to Enagic

#13) Alice’s Natural Health Care Santa Barbara Ca. / Alice-805.569.1702

Dr. Aliza Zisman/ 310.963.6162

 #14) LA County Office of Education Downey Ca. Mike Miller / 562.940.1832

 #15) Town Center Compounding Pharmacy/ Pharmacist Mort Farina, & Dr. Leslie Todd/ 760.341.3984

 #16)  Refuge Christian Center Pasadena Ca. Elder Gloria Davis / 626.797.0989

#17 Yorba Linda Hospital (Cancer Ward)

Sport Teams Using Kangen Water

*Dallas Cowboys

 *New York Mets

 *New York Yankees

 *LA Dodgers

 *Arizona Razor Backs



 *Ritz Carlton-Laguna Niguel 949.240.2000

 *Montage- Laguna Beach

30801 Coast Hwy
Laguna Beach, CA 92651
(949) 715-6000

 *The Fairmont- Newport Beach

4500 MacArthur Boulevard
Newport Beach, CA 92660
(866) 840-8402

*Beverly Hills Hotel

1150 South Beverly Drive
(310) 553-6561

 *Sheridan Delfina- Santa Monica

  530 Pico Boulevard Santa Monica, California 90405
310 399 9344

GYM’s & Spas

Joes Gym (Brentwood Ca.)

 We Care Spa (Palm Springs, Ca.)

 Madison Country Club

 Floating Stone Inn & Aqua Spa Tubac, Arizona 520.398.3193


The Following additional Hospitals are located in Japan

 Akashi Hospital Japan Dr. Masahiro/ 11,000 patients treated over the last 30 years.

In addition these are additional hospitals that are currently using Enagic’s technology…

   Kyowa Hospital/ Dr. Sosuke Kawamura

 Kitari Institute Medical Center

 Showa University Hospital

 Kanto Teishin Hospital

 Meiseki Hospital

 Nara College of Medicine Hospital

 Iida Hospital

 Tokyo Women’s College of Medicine Hosp.

 Hanabatake Hospital

 And many others…

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