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Alkaline Water Machines – Kangen Water Machines Health Benefits

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 Alkaline Water Machines Health Benefits
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DISCLAIMER: This site expresses my own personal opinions on the use and benefits of Alkaline Water. I do not make any medical claims. This site does not represent nor it’s affiliate with ANY manufacturer of Alkaline Water Machines.

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Alkaline water does not cure any disease.
Alkaline water assists the body to recover the normal pH
and promotes self healing

There are 3 simple reasons why you need an Alkaline water machine at home:

  • To restore your body’s pH back to neutral (or about 7.4). A body with a neutral pH is a healthy body! If your blood’s pH lower than 6.8 it becomes acidic. An acidic body is a place where sickness and disease can easily develop. Drinking plenty of Alkalized water will maintain the pH of our bodies neutral, between a healthy range of 6.8 to 7.8, ideally 7.4. This neutral pH, not acidic-not too alkaline, prevents our immune system from malfunction or get weaker and disease to develop and keeps it strong and healthy!

  • Drinking plenty of alkaline-micro cluster water helps to keep the our bodies hydrated. Alkaline-micro-cluster water means that the water molecules are smaller than regular bottled water. Our bodies can easily and quickly absorbe those smaller molecules of water and keep it well hydrated. 
    Drinking enough alkaline water also helps to detox by improving elimination through urination, transpiration and defecation. :-) 

  • Alkaline water machines produce a water that is highly in antioxidants. Antioxidants neutralize, combat and render free radicals harmless, (that otherwise cause damage and destruction to the cellular level on our bodies).
    In my personal opinion maintaining certain level and amount of antioxidants in our bodies, might help medical treatments to avoid chronic fatigue, promote longevity and improve our health.

 Testimonial of the Health Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water

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Drink Alkaline Kangen Water for your Health!

The health benefits of drinking Alkaline Kangen water,
Ionized, Micro-Cluster, Anti Oxydant Water!

What are you looking for in an Alkaline Water machine?

  1. accessible price or financing/credit to buy it
  2. a good quality alkaline-ionized water
    The Alkalinity of the water relates to the pH. 
    The Ionized property is associated with the anti-oxidants the water has
  3. durability of the machine; that the alkaline water machine keeps producing the same high quality alkaline water
  4. easy to setup and use
  5. minimum of maintenance: the machine has to be self-cleaning. This means the polarity of the titanium plates is reverse every certain period of use to release the minerals that attach to the plates as a result of th ionization of the water
  6. as a bonus, to have acidic water 2.5 pH if you are going to use it for disinfection purposes
  7. also a very alkaline pH, about 11 to 11.5, to clean fruits and vegetables from oil-based pesticides or fertilizers
Benefits of drinking alkaline water happy girl

Be as healthy as her!

“Disease can not live in an alkaline body”,
Dr. Otto Warberg, Nobel Prize.

I discovered the healing benefits of having an Alkaline body by serendipity: a friend and I decided to embrace a plant based or raw food life style.

We wanted to try to eat uncooked green leafy, other vegetables and fruits, as well as nuts.

My friend lost 50 lbs. in a year, without grueling work outs and without depriving him self from eating delicious meals. He also noticed that the ugly dryness on the bottom of his feet, cause by a viral infection and made skin crack disappeared in the same period.

I had some major health benefits. I had an infection under the nails of four finger, as result of getting dirty when I was doing some home improvement work. It went on for about 2 years and no external medication and many other disinfection techniques helped to clear the some time ugly puss under the nails. That infection disappeared in about 6 months of eating this alkaline food: raw fruits, vegetables and nuts. I also lost 10 lbs.

A live Alkaline-Kangen water demonstration on the acidity of most popular bottled waters
Yes the water we (use to) drink every day!


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The Healthy Alkaline way!

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Back to our Alkaline Water Benefits & Machines! 

“NO disease, including CANCER, can exist in an alkaline environment (alkaline body).”
Dr. Otto Warberg
, 1931 Nobel Prize winner for cancer discovery.

“Cancer, above all other diseases, has countless secondary causes. But, even for cancer, there is only one prime cause. Summarized in a few words, the prime cause of cancer is the replacement of the respiration of oxygen in normal body cells by a fermentation of sugar.” — Dr. Otto H. Warburg in Lecture

The secret: have an alkaline body by eating alkaline foods, drinking alkalized water, avoiding acidic meals and exercising to the transpiration point to eliminate acidic toxins from the body.

Dr. Otto Warburg - Nobel Prize for cancer causes discovery

Dr. Otto Warburg – Nobel Prize

We bought an Alkaline Kangen Water machine two years ago to supplement and improve our health and our children’s health as well. Our kids do not go to doctors any longer. We don’t get flues and if we get a cold because we do not rest and sleep properly, the cold goes away in a couple of days!

Drinking  Alkaline water all day long, replacing sodas and other toxic drinks like coffee, helps to make your body alkaline too! Just this simple and easy life style change, drinking more water and alkaline water, can prevent so many health conditions caused by free radicals accumulated by pollution, toxins and chronic negative emotional situations.

Alkaline water is a water that is over the neutral pH amount that’s regarded as pH being 7.0. This alkaline pH makes it powerful and is able to cut the effects of acidic foods, water and toxins we breath and drink in your body.

Chronic emotional situations like stress, anxiety, depression, anger, etc. causes the pH of the body to be acidic. Eventually, this acidic condition will make us sick, tired and some times get cancer…

Call us today or email us today: info@kangenwater-alkalinewater.com or ask us any question here: 

Benefits of Alkaline Water and an Alkaline Body:

  • Increases immune system response and
  • the ability to fight disease: viruses, germs and others
  • Easy way to become healthy and energetic!
  • Restructured alkaline water, created utilizing electrolysis, offers scaled-down clusters -just like in fruits- involving molecules which allow it to hydrate your body quicker than every other water
  • Assists on fighting health conditions by supporting medical therapies and treatments
  • Helps one’s body to cleanse to the cellular level as well as neutralize acidity
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • If the body system’s pH is actually a little alkaline, it is far more resistant against illnesses
  • Excellent antioxidant properties that neutralize free radicals!
  • Antioxidant properties of Alkalized water, hold off free radicals and poisons present in one’s body which are stealing your energy and good health
  • And much, much more!

More health benefits of drinking alkaline water

Alkaline Water Chart - Kangen Water

Alkaline Water Chart – Kangen Water

According to dental researchers in Canada, drinking alkaline water not only is good for your health, but it also freshens your breath, . “The main cause of bad breath is bacteria in the mouth,” report researchers in Toronto and scientists specializing in breath treatment. Since bacteria feed on acids, controlling their acidity is easy by changing the pH in the mouth. “Anything that’s high in alkaline is good for neutralizing the acids in the mouth,” says Tammy Gouweloos, a dental hygienist with a holistic approach to oral health. Alkaline water with a pH between 8.2 and of 11.0 eliminates the acidic environment, reducing the bacteria that cause bad breath. 

Alkaline Water-Kangen Water benefits

Buy Your Alkaline Water machine Now!

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Remember that a healthy pH is between 6.8 to 7.8. If you suspect your body is acidic,  because some temporal environmental challenges, acidic food and water, lack of exercise and proper elimination-detox, just dring more alkaline water with a pH higher than 7.4. 
We found that  a 9.5 pH alkaline water made with a Knagen Alkaline water machine is ideal to get your body back to balance, pH neutral and healthy!

More Testimonials of the Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water:

Alkaline Kangen Water in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, California, Las Vegas, Nevada, Phoenix, Arizona, Miami, Tampa, Florida, New York, Washington, Seattle.


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